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Here are the Angels we have sold online so far. We happily accept special orders. 4" beautiful taffida angel with button arms and alot of lace and golden wood wings. Satin and lace heart acessorySOLD angel:$8 Heart $5

12" angel with auburn hair blue dress with snowflakes on it, feather wings and a french style brass horn. $18SOLD

Kitchen acessories I crochet around: Hot pads $5, Hand towel $5, Kitchen towel below

Kitchen towel crochet borders and midlineSOLD $8

10" baby doll done in white cotton and alot of lace $15 as is, $18 with crochet wings added, $25 with crochet blanket SOLD

Wide angel lace on 6"dolls crochet collars,wings and one has crochet halo.$10 each SOLD

SOLD 24" doll $40.00:Satin white with lacy trims and feather wings.

SOLD 12" doll $18.00:Blue Dress with White crochet wings.

SOLD12" doll $18.00:Blue Dress with Gold shiny wings.

SOLD 12" doll $18.00:Ivory and tiny stars dress holding a harp which can be used for tree ornament.

SOLD Tiny dolls from $5 to $10:Lacy and feather wings perfect for trinkets hanging or on a shelf.

SOLD 3 Tiny dolls from $5 to $10:Lace with feather wings and one tree topper angel, notice details.

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 To order crochet items and view them, please see all info there, pics, contact, pricing. Shipping is by weight. Bookmarkers, pins, angels, special orders welcome!